10 Best Remote Desktop or Screen Sharing Software

Best Screen Sharing Software Whenever stuck in computer problems and need any technical help from friends or experts then Remote Desktop or Screen Sharing Software are fast and easy solutions.

Remote Desktop, as the name suggests, this tools helps to access your PC remotely. By using remote desktop software you can easily solve-out client problems, take some expert helps without going anywhere. Beside from this you can also remote access your pc while you are away from it.

Here in this post, I am going to share 10 best remote desktop software-

1. Team Viewer:-

Team Viewer is most popular and fast way to support and connect with your client. Team Viewer provides instant remote support i.e. client computer doesn’t need any installation.

You can also used Team viewer for its others features like remote maintenance of PCs and server, screen sharing, file transfer, remote access your data from anywhere.

Using Team Viewer, you get to choose whether you want to remote control your partner, share your own desktop with a partner, or just transfer files without sharing your desktop.

2. Ammyy Admin:-

Ammyy Admin is free and fast tool which let you to share your desktop screen with 1 minutes. Its desktop application are very few in size(around 700 kbs) and best of is it doesn’t need to install, to use just double click on the application and just enter client id/ip of another computer(should have ammyy admin in both PC) and you are connected.

Ammyy Admin is multi tasking software and it used as remote access software for remote server administration, distant assistance, education, virtual classes, and much more.

The free version allows you to 15 hours access limits.

3. Cross Loop:-

Cross Loop is secure and simple screen sharing applcation. Cross loop uses 128 bit encryption for each sessions. To get connected both computers need cross loop applications. Cross Loop also help you to transfer and share your files.

Cross loop is available in more than 20 languages.

4. Screen leap:-

Screen Leap is free screen sharing tool it doesn’t need any download or sign ups. To share your screen you need to install Java on your computer, if it is already installed then using a web browser you can instantly share your screen.

5. Real VNC:-

RealVNC is remote access software from VNC(Virtual Network Computing). RealVNC allows you to connect and control your devices wherever you are in the world.

You can also connect your Android and iOs devices to VNC enabled computers. Real VNC also supports 128-bit AES encryption for all data which is transmitted from your devices.

6. Screen Stream:-

Screen Stream is screen broadcasting software which help you for presentations and online training sessions with streaming audio. You can choose an access code to secure your sessions. It allows unlimited numbers of visitors.

7. Skyfex:-

SkyFex is instant screen sharing (need only two-step connection) via web, users doesn’t need any account and it uses 256 bit SSL encryption and proprietary security methods.

8. Show My PC:- 

Show My PC is easy to use desktop sharing and remote PC tools. you can also shared folder with another user and it used SSH encryption.

9. Win Remote PC:-

WinRemotePC(WRPC) is another remote control/administration software. It is based on client(users) and server(administration) system. WEPC is only for windows operating software.

10. Hidden Administration:-

Hidden Administration is windows based remote desktop computer with many features like simultaneously monitor several computers(up to 256 computers), File exchange, Drag & Drop support, Chat with user, multilingual and many more.

Do let me know if i missed any  .