Android Phone Battery Rapidly Drain – Possible Solutions

Did you recently buy a new smartphone and noticed that your phone battery life rapidly drain or your battery lasts only for one day then here i am sharing some possible solutions that helps to increase your battery life.

Smartphone Battery Quickly Drain – Possible Solutions

Turn Brightness down- Your Smartphone Screen is one of the main thing that consumes your battery more than other features. So always Dim your brightness as down as you can. You can also chooses Auto Brightness features that automatically adjust your screen brightness according to light.

And also Keep short your screen time-out, like 15 seconds or 30 seconds.

Smartly use Bluetooth, GPS or Wi-fi- These are the another smartphone features that drain your battery very quickly and too much uses can also decrease your whole battery life. Don’t set your phone on idle or sleep mode while GPS, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth are On. Always turn off these features when you are not using it.

Close Background Apps- All new Smartphone range comes with multitasking features, so you can use more than one app at a time and at a same time, it eats a lot of your battery power. So as soon as you finished works on any app, close them from background also. For this task you can also used some free Android Apps.

Replace Your Battery- If your phone is automatically switched off while battery showing 50-60% charging remaining or using same battery for more than 1 years than think to replace your battery. You can give a try to high power battery.

Downgrade your OS- If you recently upgrade your Android OS or installed any custom ROM and tried all other possible solutions but sill occurring same battery drain problem then the last thing is to do is downgrade your Android OS.

Some more Quick Tips-

  • Use Mobile Connection Data (GPRS or 3G) whenever needs.
  • Do not use Vibration.
  • Turn Off Unnecessary Notifications.
  • Use any good Battery Saving Apps.

I hope these simple yet powerful solutions makes you to enjoy your smartphone a bit more.