How to Protect yourself Against Hackers

Protect yourself Against Hackers – Have you ever been a victims of hacking attempts or always frightened from Hacker worlds then this guides for you.

So here is the best guides to keep away or protect yourself against hackers.

How to Protect yourself Against Hackers

1. Choose Strong Password:- Normally people chooses some most common words as a passwords such as password, iloveyou, abc123 or their birth-date, mobile number etc, Hackers can easily guess these common password and breach on your account.

Here Strong Password means hard to guess password that contains a combination of some letters(Upper + Lower), numbers & special characters, for example- PassWO*^rd4&9.

2. Hide your IP Address:- As you know IP address is unique identity of your computer. So anyone who have some good knowledge can easily access your files by just using your IP address. So always hide your IP address or never tell your IP address to anyone.

You can use some VPN (Virtual Private Network) to hide your original IP address.

3. Connect on Secure Wi-Fi Hotspots:- Never connect your devices to any public Wi-Fi Hotspots, Mostly Hackers can create their own hotspot and disguise them under the names of airports, coffee shop and other public places.

Also use a strong password to your Home Wi-Fi.

4. Never Download Unwanted Software:- Never download software from unauthorized websites like survey page, file sharing website, from pop-up page etc These software may contains malware or Trojan Horse that may harm your computer, steal information or can even crash your system.

5. Use Good Antivirus Program or Firewall:- An Antivirus program is must have software on any computer. Any Good Antivirus program or can helps to secure from many cyber attacks.

6. Use 2-way Authentication:- With time to time many website start adopting 2-way authentication feature. Use this security features to secure you gmail, yahoo, dropbox etc account.

I also found an interesting infographic, Where You’ll Get Hacked? from Hotspot Shield

Is the above article, Protect yourself against Hackers, helps you to be safe from any hacking attempts on you or what is your method to be safe from hackers.