How to Increase or Boost Torrent Download Speed

Boost Torrent Download Speed – Are you rid of slow torrent speed even after having good internet connection and looking for any ways to boost torrents download speed than this guide’s for you.

Before moving to increase torrent speed part lets know a little information about torrents or its commonly used terms-

Boost Torrent Download Speed
Boost Torrent Download Speed

What is Torrent and How it Works-

Torrent is a file or term name of Bit Torrent client that helps to download large files from peer-to-peer or in simple can say it, torrent lets you to download files from others who have already downloaded the same file {check below working model of bittorrent}, this way torrents helps to reduce the server load,

Seeders- Seeder are those who having complete file or actively sharing it to others.

Peers- Peers are those who currently download files and having some part of it for sharing.

Increase or Boost Torrent Download Speed

1. High Bandwidth Allocation-

Always make sure that your torrents using the high bandwidth allocations, for this right-click on your torrents file and click on Bandwidth Allocation and choose High.

2. Choose Ports and Number of Connection Wisely-

By default, BitTorrent uses random port each time it starts. If want to set a specific port by not enabling the randomize setting, used number greater than 10,000. follow, Preferences > Connection > type port number and save.

Number of Connections setting limits the maximum number of connections that a BitTorrent client can make for any P2P exchange, So make sure to limit your Number of connections similar as below picture,Preferences > Bandwidth > Number of Connections.

3. Encrypt Bit Torrent Traffic-

Some of Internet Service Providers will throttle your bandwidth when they detects you are torrenting. So make your bit torrent outgoing traffic encrypted, follow- Open Preferences and then click on Bittorrent and under protocol encryption select outgoing traffic enabled.

4. Add More Trackers-

Sometimes, adding more trackers can also helps to boost your all over download speed. For this click on the torrent you want to speed-up and then select info tab from below and copy the hash code of torrent and now search hash on google and download same torrents from another website.

5. Limit Torrent Upload Bandwidth- 

Sometimes limiting upload bandwidth speed can also boost the download speed, so limit the torrent upload speed minimum. For this, right click on torrents and select properties and set your max upload rate to 1.

Some Quick Tips before downloading Torrents-

  • Always choose those torrent files who have high numbers of seeds and peers.
  • Choose a suitable Bit Torrent client.
  • Allow Torrents from your firewalls.

Is these above tips or tricks helps to boost or increase torrent download speed, tell us in comment section.