MSVCR71.dll is Missing from your Computer – A Quick Solutions

MSVCR71.dll is Missing from your Computer – Did you ever annoyed with this error message “The program can’t start because MSVCR71.dll is missing form your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.” on your computer while trying some new software or games(like for Hitman Blood Money, this file is must MSVCR71.dll), then here is a quick solutions for you to easily fix this issue.



How to fix MSVCP71.dll is Missing from your Computer –

msvcr71.dll is a library file from Microsoft Visual C++ 2003 runtime components and some software used this files to run their programs or games, and if files did not find then computer generated this error message.

So to fix this error message on your windows computer, you have to copy Msvcr71.dll file on your system32 folders.

Steps 1- Download Visual C++ 2003 (ver. 7.1) runtime form the Microsoft website, or from here.

Steps 2- After download, Install runtime on your windows.

Steps 3- After installations, you can find msvcr71.dll library file on your system32 folders.

Note- If you still couldn’t find this file on System32 folders after installations then browse the file locations of .netframewofk, the file is typically on C:WindowsMicrosoft.netFramework1.1.x and copy msvcr71.dll from this folder to system32 folder and your issue resolved.

If you still unable to resolve this issue, “MSVCR71.dll is Missing from your Computer“, then comment below, we would love to help you.