How to protect Android Phone against Malware Infected Apps

Android devices are always a soft target for malware developers for spreading malware or viruses, as researches shows that Android devices infected with malware grew from 10.8 million in 2011 to 32.8 million in 2012, means that the total number of infected devices tripled year-over-year. It is also true that majority of android malware can be easily avoided by following these below simple tips-

protect Android Phone against Malware
protect Android Phone against Malware

Protect your Android Phone against Malware Infected Apps-

Never install any pirated Android App:-

Pirated Apps are soft target of malware developers, If i am not wrong, nearly every android users had downloaded a pirated apps at least once. Cybercriminals developed clone or inject malicious code on the premium apps and offers victims to free download. Since to install these infected apps in their devices victims need to turn off some security features, and by doing this they can easily threat their devices. So to save few penny never install any pirated apps.

Avoid Apps from Third-Party Stores:-

This is another major entry gate for malware apps, Cybercriminals submitted their malicious android apps on these third-party store. These third-party app stores doesn’t have any security measures to check the security of apps, So always install apps from trusted sources.

Always check Apps Permissions:-

When you install an apps from google play store, google always shows app permissions that needs to be run on your devices. If you ever found some miscellaneous app permissions avoid install on your device, such as- some photo editing android app ask permission to send message etc.

Must check User reviews:-

Always do a little study before installing any apps from google play store, and reading user review of any apps is among the best way to perfectly determine whats the app is all about.

Install Antivirus or Anti-Malware App:-

Always installed antivirus app or anti-malware app on your android smartphones, If somehow you install these malicious apps, these security apps auto alert and block on your android devices. I recommended to install Avast antivirus that is best free antivirus among all others.

What is your strategy to detect infected android apps or have any suggestions or tips to avoid malware infected android apps, then do share with other readers in comments section.