Top 5 Amazing Coincidence Ever

Amazing Coincidence Ever- Could you believe on coincidence or some strange coincidence happened with you, if not then check this post, Here I’m sharing top 5 amazing coincidence ever, Have a look on the list-

5 Amazing Coincidence Ever

Twin Tragedy

Erskine Lawrence Ebbin and Neville Lawrence Ebbin were two brothers who tragically died in accident at the young age of 17.

  • Both brothers died on July night with one year gap.
  • They both were aged 17.
  • Both of them died in an accident
  • They were both riding the same moped
  • They both collided with the same taxi
  • The taxi driver was the same
  • The taxi carried the same passenger
  • The accident happened on the same street

Lucky Hugh Williams

On December 5th 1660, a ship sank in the straights of Dover – the only survivor was noted to be Hugh Williams.
On 5th December 1767, another ship sank in the same waters – 127 lost their lives, the only survivor was noted to be Hugh Williams.
On 8th August 1820, a picnic boat capsized on the Thames – there was one survivor – Hugh Williams.
On 10th July 1940, a British trawler was destroyed by a German mine – only two men survived, one man and his nephew – they were both called Hugh Williams.

Identical Twins

Two Twin identical’s, Jim Springer and Jim Lewis who were separated at birth were reunited at the age of 39. They discovered that they were both married to women named Linda, divorced, and remarried to women named Betty.

One of them had a son named James Allan while the other named his son James Alan. Even they also had dogs with named Toy.

Girlfriend Curse

In Texas, a man Henry Ziegland dumped his girlfriend, which made her commit suicide. Her brother shot Ziegland and hurriedly took his own life.

Ziegland had survived the shot as the bullet touched his face and got lodged in a nearby tree. Years later, when he was trying to cut the tree down, he used dynamite. The explosion caused the bullet to fly through and hit his head.

Computer Mistake

In America, due to computer error two woman got the same social security number. When both of women goes to office to rectify the blunder they discovered plenty of common things.

  • They had both been born with the names Patricia Ann Campbell
  • Both of their fathers were called Robert Campbell
  • Their birthdays were on 13th March 1941
  • They had both married military men in the year 1959 (within eleven days of each other)
  • They each had two children aged 19 and 21
  • They both had an interest in oil painting
  • Both had studied cosmetics
  • Both had worked as book-keepers

So what’s your view on the above unbelievable coincidence, do you know any other coincidence share with us in comment section.